Tom Nook will hate you because of this one weird trick!

Harvesting fruit is a great way to make some quick money in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Just visit another island, fill your pockets with fruit that is non-native to your island, and plant as many trees as possible when you get back home. Once you grow enough trees to form an orchard, you can easily make half a million bells or more every three days.

However, picking hundreds of trees can get pretty boring and you might find yourself thinking “there’s gotta be a better way…” Well I’m here to tell you, there is, with ACNH Automator!

ACNH Automator utilizes…

How I created a tool to split CSV files with less than 50 lines of code

The Issue To Solve

Lately in my coding journey I’ve been writing tools that help solve small productivity issues. This week I was talking with someone who had an issue related to splitting up data into multiple spreadsheets, so I decided to write a tool to help them complete that task.

The request they had was a tool that could take some spreadsheet data that contained around 100,000 rows and split it into individual spreadsheets that contained about 10,000 rows each, while making sure each new spreadsheet file…

FFmpeg is one of my favorite tools for encoding video files, but even as someone who has used it for a few years the syntax can still be pretty tricky. To help with this I decided to create a Python script to help automate the common task of taking a video file and encoding it to an MP4 encoded with x264.

I’ll go through the process of how I created the script and break down each section. The first thing I do is import the subprocess module which allows me to run shell commands from Python. More info about subprocess…

After many years of working in post production I recently decided to shift gears and try to break into the tech world as a software developer. I attended the Flatiron School where I learned how to build apps with technologies like Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and React, and along the way I realized that the skills I had gained in post overlapped almost exactly with software development.

So if you are a video professional looking to make the shift to software development too, I’m going to demonstrate that there are many parallels that can already make you well suited for…

Compressing GIFs using Adobe Photoshop

Let’s get those GIFs down to 5 MB!

In my last post I talked about compressing GIFs using imagemagick and gifscile, two free and open source tools that work great but require knowledge of command line tools to operate. If you’re not comfortable using the terminal or maybe you just prefer something with a user interface, you’re in luck. There are many apps available that allow people to create GIFs and compress them, a quick search of “GIF converter” or “GIF maker” on the App Store will reveal dozens of them at various price ranges.

However, this tutorial will be focused on using…

Compressing GIFs using open source tools

It’s pronounced GIF

The Graphics Interchange Format or GIF (pronounced with a hard G) is a filetype that stores animated images. In the last few years GIFs have had a resurgence on the internet, with every major social media platform allowing users to upload and share them. There are even GIF specific search engines like Giphy that let you search for and share animated clips, and they have become a vital tool for communication.

A lot of websites have limits on the file size of GIFs that users can upload. In the case of this article we’re…

Having worked for several years on a Cyber Security YouTube show, and working at companies that have required security awareness training, I’ve picked up some useful information on keeping yourself safe on the internet. These are my own opinions and are by no means a full comprehensive security plan, but they will certainly help you understand where to start.

Don’t Reuse Passwords

It’s important to never use the same password for multiple accounts. There have been many high-profile data breaches that have made the news in the last few years, and when this happens the affected company will make users reset their passwords…

The Issue

After recently upgrading Android Studio to 4.1.3, I ran into an issue when trying to launch an Android Virtual Device. The error message read: AVD Manager — The emulator process for AVD Pixel_2_API_29 was killed.

The AVD had worked perfectly fine while testing a React Native project a day earlier, so I knew that the upgrade was most likely the reason for the error. In this post I’ll go through the steps I took to troubleshoot the problem, and provide the solution that I found which involves downgrading Android Emulator back to a previous version.


The first thing I tried…

While working on my React based portfolio website recently, I ran into an issue regarding buttons and links. I had designed a section of the website that had several buttons, each needing to link to a different url like “/about” or “/work”, and so I tried to come up with what I thought was the simplest solution.

I installed React Router, set up some basic routing in my App.js component, and used the following code to setup my buttons as React Router Links. (Note that I’m simplifying the Bootstrap options I used for demo purposes)

import { Link } from…

Expressions in Adobe After Effects are an invaluable tool that can save hours during the motion design process, and can help create animations that are almost impossible to do with just keyframes. They are however a bit intimidating to learn at first, mainly because they involve working with code.

If you are a beginner it’s important to just start with basic expressions that are just a few lines long, that way you can really understand what is happening under the hood and start to build up to more complicated use cases.

The first expression that I personally learned was the…

Arthur Wilton

Software Developer and Video/Post Production Professional. Recent graduate of Flatiron School.

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