Tom Nook will hate you because of this one weird trick!

The Issue To Solve

Lately in my coding journey I’ve been writing tools that help solve small productivity issues. …

Let’s get those GIFs down to 5 MB!

In my last post I talked about compressing GIFs using imagemagick and gifscile, two free and open source tools that work great but require knowledge of command line tools to operate. If you’re not comfortable using the terminal or maybe you just prefer something with…

It’s pronounced GIF

The Graphics Interchange Format or GIF (pronounced with a hard G) is a filetype that stores animated images. In the last few years GIFs have had a resurgence on the internet, with every major social media platform allowing users to upload and share them…

The Issue

After recently upgrading Android Studio to 4.1.3, I ran into an issue when trying to launch an Android Virtual Device. The error message read: AVD Manager — The emulator process for AVD Pixel_2_API_29 was killed.

Arthur Wilton

Software Developer and Video/Post Production Professional. Recent graduate of Flatiron School.

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