How I Compress GIFs for Medium — Part 1

It’s pronounced GIF

The Graphics Interchange Format or GIF (pronounced with a hard G) is a filetype that stores animated images. In the last few years GIFs have had a resurgence on the internet, with every major social media platform allowing users to upload and share them. There are even GIF specific search engines like Giphy that let you search for and share animated clips, and they have become a vital tool for communication.

How To Compress a GIF (for free)

A quick and efficient way of compressing your GIF is to use a combination of imagemagick and gifsicle. I’ve provided a GitHub gist below that I use for my own personal reference, which explains each parameter that you’ll need to edit. This method will require you to have homebrew installed, so if you aren’t familiar with that I recommend checking out my homebrew blog post to help get started.

brew install imagemagickbrew install gifsicle



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Arthur Wilton

Arthur Wilton


Software Developer and Video/Post Production Professional. Recent graduate of Flatiron School.